Water distribution's main objective is to ensure that safe and pleasant drinking water is delivered to everyone's tap. Also, adequate amounts of water and pressure are available in cases of an emergency, such as a fire. Maintaining and testing fire hydrants helps ensure the fire department can quickly and efficiently get connected to a water supply for emergencies.

Some of our yearly goals include changing out 12 fire hydrants from the old Waterous style to either Kennedy or Mueller. This is done mainly for the workability and operations of Kennedy and Mueller fire hydrants compared to a Waterous hydrant. Valve maintenance is another vital step we perform. This ensures water main isolation boxes are clean and free of debris and also allows us to make sure the valve itself functions properly. This allows for quick shutdown in cases of emergency water main breaks and reduces damage to roadways and private property. New water taps are done by our distribution crew. We tap our water mains live and install a corporation stop at the main and continue to run copper to the property line where we install a curb stop valve.

Hydrant flushing ensures that fire hydrants function properly, cleans the inside of the water main and keeps chlorine residuals at a safe level for water consumption.

Eight water storage tanks holding approximately 7.5 Million Gallons of treated water are maintained by the distribution crew. Each year four of them are taken offline at different intervals to drain, wash the interior, inspect, chlorinate, test for total coliforms, and refill to be placed back online in the distribution system. Water storage tanks are visually inspected quarterly to check for any flaws or signs of tampering.

Six pump stations are located throughout the distribution system. These stations pump water to our storage tanks to keep an adequate amount of reserved water for when the water treatment plant is not operating. The distribution crew keeps these pump stations running smoothly and properly. Monthly checks are done to ensure that all components are functioning correctly. Maintenance of the grounds, interior and exterior are kept neat and clean to make them more visually appealing.


  • We have 79.64 miles of water distribution mains
  • We have 1218 isolation valves
  • We have 493 fire hydrants