Water may be purchased with a Visa or MasterCard (Debit MasterCards will not work) or you can start a Bulk Water Account.

Setting up a Bulk Water Account:

  1. An account with a number will be created in your name.
  2. You will need to create a 4 digit PIN #.
  3. Any amount may be added to your account.
  4. You can add funds to your account at City Hall or call 970-826-2005 with a Credit or Debit card (Visa & MasterCard only).
  5. Cost of water is $9.60 per 1,000 gallons (effective 1/01/16)

 Prepaid Account:

  1. Connect hose to your tank.
  2. Select 1 on key pad, press ENTER.
  3. Enter the last 3 digits of your previous access/account number.
  4. Enter your previous 4 digit pin number.
  5. The number of gallons available on your account will appear.
  6. Enter the number of gallons you want to dispense.
  7. The display will ask you to make sure the hose is hooked up.
  8. When you are sure you are ready, push the START button.
  9. You can hit the STOP button in an emergency to stop water dispensing.
  10. There is no print out of a prepaid account, only credit card purchases.
  11. Disconnect hose, store, and close door to the key pad.  PROTECT SYSTEM.

 If you use a Credit or Debit Card:

  1. Connect hose to tank.
  2. Select 2 for Credit Card, press ENTER.
  3. On Credit Card Machine find the yellow button labeled END.
  4. Press END until $ amount you want to pump is displayed.
  5. Available choices:

Note: You will be charged for dollars selected regardless of gallons pumped.

$.50 will dispense approx. 50 gallons

$4.00 will dispense approx. 400 gallons

$1.00 will dispense approx. 100 gallons

$5.00 will dispense approx. 500 gallons

$2.00 will dispense approx. 200 gallons

$10.00 will dispense approx. 1000 gallons

$3.00 will dispense approx. 300 gallons

$20.00 will dispense approx. 2000 gallons

  1. Swipe card to confirm purchase. (Bank transaction fee may apply.)  Note: You will be charged for dollars selected regardless of gallons pumped.  

(If credit card reader says “Try again later” wait about 1 minute for it to reset, then continue from Step 3.  If these) 

  1. Wait approximately 20 seconds – gallons to be pumped will be displayed. 
  2. ??Hose Connected??  Press START to begin. 
  3. Water will be dispensed. 

11.  Take receipt.