It is the mission of the City of Craig Road & Bridge Department to provide the residents and visitors with a clean, safe, durable, convenient, and cost effective street network for both residential and commercial needs.

The Road and Bridge Department has 16 full-time employees who maintain the City's streets that consist of 52.56 miles of road of which 45.03 are paved and 7.53 are gravel.

Asphalt streets which have been cut up from utilities, water or sewer repairs account for approximately 400 tons of hot and cold asphalt. The road crew repairs these cuts and maintains the integrity of all 52.56 miles of city streets and alleys.

The City's gravel roads are graded at least twice a year, some roads more than others due to high volume traffic and excessive wear. In the spring roughly 12 tons of magnesium chloride is put down on the roads to control dust. Road base material is added to the gravel roads that have been lost due to winter plowing and maintenance.

The streets in Craig are swept at least 4 times per year. Major streets are swept more frequently. Sweeping is done year round or as weather permits. the sweeper crew also prepares the streets for chip sealing and then will sweep up the excess chips when completed.

The Road and Bridge Department also removes snow from curb to curb and then sands the city streets for added traction and vehicle safety. The crew utilizes 7 dump trucks with sanders, 2 motor graders and 2 pick up trucks with snow plows to accomplish this. Snow removal is done on every storm over 2 inches. The additional sanding will be done as often during winter as needed.

The Road and Bridge Department will also install drainage in the spring and fall and perform an array of odd jobs as necessity dictates.

Fleet Division of Road and Bridge

It is the mission of the City of Craig's Fleet Division to establish and maintain a comprehensive fleet maintenance program that facilitates the City of Craig's Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Program. The main objective is to have the vehicle or equipment utilized to its full potential with the least cost during the life or service period the department deems suitable.

The Fleet Division:

  1. Is responsible for determining and tracking costs and maintenance scheduling for all vehicles and equipment.
  2. Maintains accurate parts inventory and equipment and tool usage.
  3. Provide departmental billing statements based on fuel usage and maintenance and repair on vehicles.
  4. Determines specifications for new vehicles and equipment.
  5. Assists other departments with special projects through manpower and fabrication of specialty items.

Primary Contact Person

Trevor Campbell, Director-Road & Bridge and Solid Waste Department
Phone Number: 970-824-4463 e-Mail Trevor Campbell