City Council

Jarrod Ogden
Term Expires: 2021 Committees:     Planning & Development, Parks & Recreation, Moffat County Airport Board, Moffat County School District, Contact Info:  Email: Jarrod Ogden

Tony Bohrer
Term Expires: 2021
Committees: Public Safety, Economic Development Committee, Colorado River District, Community Evaluation/Crisis Intervention Team, Human Resources Council, Contact Info:  Email:  Tony Bohrer

Andrea Camp
Term Expires: 2021
Committees: Finance & Government, Personnel, Local Marketing District, Moffat County Tourism Association, NW Tranportation Planning Region, Contact Info:   Email:  Andrea Camp

Chris Nichols
Term Expires: 2021
Committees: Joint Services Workgroup, AGNC, Board of Appeals, Chamber of Commerce, CML, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Yampa Valley Airport Commission, Contact Info:  Email:  Chris Nichols

Paul James
Term Expires: 2023 Committees: Downtown Business Association, County Commissioners, Contact Info:  Email: Paul James

Steven Mazzuca
Term Expires: 2023 Committees: CNCC, Contact Info: Email: Steven Mazzuca

Brian MacKenzie
Term Expires: 2023 Committees: Club 20, Contact Info: Email: Brian MacKenzie