Meet Our Staff

We would like to introduce to you the people who make it possible for you to have a safe and reliable source of drinking water. Many of our staff have been employed with the City of Craig for a number of years and have a wealth of experience to operate and maintain our water plant and distribution system.

Mark Sollenberger - Water/Wastewater Director
Mark came to the Craig Water Plant in 1999 from Pennsylvania, where he supervised the operation of a 7.0 MGD plant. He started his water treatment career as a "marine engineer" for the U.S. Army in 1975. After leaving the service in 1978, he accepted a position at the water treatment plant in his home town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Mark worked at the Carlisle plant for the next 20 years, the last 15 years as plant supervisor. Since coming to our plant Mark has implemented some welcome changes. He was instrumental in the purchase and installation of a raw water line valve that allows us to stop all water coming into the plant. This eliminated what was often a difficult and dangerous situation while cleaning our raw well screen. Also, he supervised the process of obtaining a State Certification for microbiological testing for our lab. Now when we test for bacteria, instead of waiting 2-3 days for results, we can get results in 18-24 hours. And in the coming year he will supervise the update of our SCADA system and the implementation of automated controls for plant operation. Mark's experience at the Carlisle plant, a much larger operation than the Craig plant, will be invaluable as new regulations are implemented and future plant improvements are considered. Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting with his son.

Leon Christopher - Distribution Superintendent
Leon started out as a technician on the distribution crew and has been with the city for 19 years. Leon's earlier experiences in the distribution field included maintaining a wooden water transmission pipeline which serviced the city of Pueblo, CO. Leon has seen many changes in the City of Craig and has been involved with most of the major infrastructure improvements of the distribution system. He holds Distribution and Collection licenses as well as a Journeyman's electrical license. Leon enjoys fishing, backpacking, and is a mighty fine woodworking craftsman.

Tim Kulp- Water Distribution Technician/ Equipment Operator
Bio under construction!

Tyler Slaight- Water Distribution Technician/ Equipment Operator
Bio under construction!

Ed Talkington- CAD Operator / Senior Plant Operator
Ed has been employed at the City's water plant for the last twelve years. He originally was hired by the City's Wastewater Department and spent three years there before coming to the water plant as an operator. Ed has been instrumental in implementing many of the capital improvements here at the plant during the last decade, and he continues to find ways of improving treatment processes and water quality every year. Ed is also responsible for designing the City's computer generated distribution maps which allow field crew to accurately locate water lines and associated valves during new construction projects or emergency situations. Ed has nearly single-handedly kept the 70 year old plant in the south building looking and working better than the day it was built. This is critical, since we depend on this plant for 4-6 weeks every year while we perform maintenance on the new plant. Ed is a serious whitewater enthusiast who has navigated some of the country's most challenging rivers.

Bob Nelson - Operator II / Maintenance Technician
Bob is the new man on the block being hired in April of 2001. Like Warren he started in the medical sciences field earning a degree in Medical Technology from the University of North Dakota. Moving to Craig in 1988 he worked ten years in the lab at The Memoral Hospital. After settling into operations he has taken on the task of organizing plant maintenance.  In 2005, Bob built his own 2080 sq.ft. house.  Bob's off duty activities include photography, music and golf.

Steve Berkoff - Meter Technician
Steve started in April of 2005 He has worked a variety of jobs before the city, including geology tech, oil shale mine operator, pipeliner, ski lift factory worker, soil/material testing tech, health physics tech, computer drafts man, radiation safety officer, janitor, apartment maintenance, & ski instructor.  He and his wife of 21 yrs have 2 boys & 5 girls & enjoy camping, fishing, hiking & road trips.  Since he moved to Craig he and his son began elk hunting, they've added to their home & are now converting half the garage into a rec. room for the kids.  And the kids love the snow!  Seven years ago Steve worked as a temporary employee putting in the new water meters.  Part of his job now is to put in new meter radios that last 20 years to replace the old 7 year variety.   Steve has a B.S. in Geology.