Water Department FAQ

This page is designed to try and answer any question you may have regarding billing, water tap applications, service requests, and other information pertaining to the City of Craig Water Department. If you do not find the information you are looking for, Contact Us and we'll try our best to get the answers you need.

Water Tap Permit Application and Procedures

Applying for a new service:
Applicants for a new service should contact personnel at City Hall to obtain a water capital investment fee application. There is no charge for the water tap application.

After your submittal of an application, the permit process requires verification that there are no outstanding fees on your account. A building inspector will then survey your property and review building plans to calculate the required tap size, number of fixtures, water pressure available, and whether any improvements will be needed on the existing infrastructure. After the completion of the survey, you will be notified of the status of your permit, and at your convenience, may arrange for tap work to be completed on your property.

Capital Investment Fees:
At the time of the permit, there shall be paid to the city, for each permit for either water or sewer fees within the corporate limits of the city, the following amounts:

A. Capital Investment Fee Chart (Tap Fees)

B. Miscellaneous Fees: New Service Fee - $5.00, Connect Fee - $30.00,
Disconnect Fee - $30.00, After Hours Connect Fee - $50.00, Turn-off/Non-pay Fee - $60.00, Late Payment Fee - $15.00, Returned Check Fee - $25.00.

Transferring an account into your name:
If you are relocating to a property within the Department's service area which already has water and sewer service, please call customer service at 826-2005, to have your account transferred into your name. There is no charge for this transfer, and your prompt attention will ensure that you have uninterrupted service.

Request for inspections and other services

If for any reason you need to have a field technician inspect your property, you must schedule an appointment by calling 826-2005. Work orders are issued within 3 working days and are scheduled between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Openings may be scheduled before the 72 hour period if an opening is available. When requesting an inspection, please supply the following information to our staff at City Hall so we will be able to respond to your request more efficiently.

  • Contact Person
  • Owner of Business or Residence
  • Phone Number
  • Address of Site
  • Information on work which needs to be done ( Type and depth of excavation, specifics on leak locations, etc...).

For LINE LOCATES for Water and Sewer - DIAL 811 (One-Call-Center)

Purchase of water meters and appurtenances

In an effort to upgrade the City's water meters, a new water meter may be issued to you at the time of your initial account setup for an existing property. If there is no service to your property, you will need to submit a water tap application, and pursuant to approval, will need to purchase your own meter. 3/4" meters are usually available at City Hall, 1" meters may be obtained at the water plant. The serial #, brand name, and the initial meter reading information must be recorded by city personnel at the time of pickup.

Licensed plumbers who require curb-stop valves, compression fittings, and other parts should make arrangements with Water Department personnel.