Craig Wastewater Department

Waste Water Department

LINE LOCATES:  SEWER & WATER dial 811 (one call center)

Meet the operators that run and maintain the City's 2.5 MGD, Activated Sludge Wastewater Plant. These five individuals work diligently to process a daily average of 1.3 MGD of the City's raw sewage. In additional to monitoring the wastewater plant, they also maintain and respond to problems in the wastewater collection system.

Carl Ray - IT/Maintenance/Wastewater Manager

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Dave Mondeau - Wastewater Plant Operator Level II

Dave has been with the city for 18 years, all of that time at the wastewater plant. He is instrumental in maintaining the plant's equipment as well as ensuring the quality of the plant's discharge into the Yampa River. You can frequently find Dave helping out other departments, especially the water plant. Dave is an avid outdoorsman and an accomplished mountaineer. He has climbed all over the United States and the world. One of his climbing partners was Scott Fisher, who died on Everest in 1996. Dave proudly holds the record for the "longest vacation in city history".

James St. Louis- Wastewater Plant Operator Level II

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Todd Smilanich- Wastewater Plant Operator Level II

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Kendal Wheat- Wastewater Plant Operator Level I

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Teena Ray - Wastewater Plant Laboratory Technician, Plant Operator II

Teena started at the plant in May of 2002. She has a "A" level certification. Prior to coming to work for the City of Craig, Teena's lab experience came from working in two gold mines in Nevada and Utah. She came to Colorado in 1996 from Utah and has decided to stay. Teena's hobbies include writing, reading, quilting, knitting, crocheting, gardning, and playing the flute, as well as teaching herself to play the piano and guitar. Teena with the help of Carl Ray. installed a digestion/distillation unit that enabled her to analyze our annual biosolids "In House". This circumvented the need for sending these samples to an outside laboratory, which saved the City a considerable amount of money.